About Our Hair

We use 2 vendors for our hair. One we use for Specialty hait such as Mink hair, Peruvian, Malaysian and Eurasian hair and the other is used for our Brazil and Indian hair. Both of our vendors have been in business for almost 30 years each.

Hair is collected all over the world from our vendors. We sell human hair and the patterns are added to the textures. We sell 5 patterns for now which are STRAIGHT, DEEP WAVE, LOOSE WAVE, BODY WAVE AND CURLY. The cuticles are aligned 100% in the same direction and double wefted.



BRAZIL HAIR​- is more natural to most hair. It blends very well and very soft. The hair will last 1- 1 &1⁄2 years. Each bundle is 3.5 to 3.7 oz.

MINK BRAZIL HAIR - (not the animal)AND PERUVIAN, MALAYSIAN, EURASIAN these type of hair textures are thicker, more luscious , exotic looking, shiny, darker in color and very durable when it comes to bleaching. If you want that photoshoot ready hair then Mink is what you want. This hair is expected to last 1-2 years with proper care. Each bundle is 3.5 to 3.7 oz.



This will determine your needs. Each customer is different with their opinions of a lot of hair or a little hair. A natural look will be 3 bundles. Customers who want extreme hair will get 4-5 bundles and this also will depend on the length of the hair.

Bobs will most of the time just need 2 - 3 bundles they are thicker bundles and long options may need more bundles for fullness because the longer the bundle is the thinner it gets to keep within the weight of 3.5 to 3.7 oz.


The following instructions are for Curly, Deep wave and Loose wave patterns.

1. Wash or co wash hair.
2. Condition while using a paddle brush starting from ends upwards

3. Rinse and let air dry



If the customer has a sew in they can use a spray bottle with warm water and conditioner to wet the hair. Use a paddle brush or wig brushing direction from bottom to top. Squeeze dry with a cotton t-shirt (trick to help get rid of frizzy hair) let air dry. DO NOT FINGER COMB HAIR DURING THE DAY OR IT WILL CAUSE THE HAIR TO FRIZZ OR PUFF!


If they made it into a wig they can completely submerge the hair under water and condition using the paddle brush to comb through. Rinse, squeeze dry and hang up to air dry. Shake in the morning and it’s gorgeous! DO NOT FINGER COMB HAIR! THIS WILL DISTORT THE CURLS AND MAKE HAIR FRIZZY!


These patterns can be co-washed, conditioned and styled as desired. We always suggest to use a heat protectant.